PeaceMaker - Play the News. Solve the Puzzle.

PeaceMaker: Play the News. Solve the Puzzle.


Professional Reviews

PeaceMaker is fun - challenging, tense at times, and extremely well-presented... The only other political computer game I've ever played that had this level of subtlety was Balance of Power, which I consider one of the greatest games ever made.
- Ernest Adams, Gamasutra
The game is eye-opening, but remains entertaining while making its point... the game is still fast-paced without requiring a shooting interfacing and things can go downhill fast. It provided a challenge that literally kept me up at night.
- Robert Janelle, Suite 101
What Peacemaker does well is demonstrate how games can be used for something besides gang-banging simulators
- Scott Jennings, Broken Toys
(Referring to Balance of Power and Hidden Agenda) the fact that we only have three significant games in this genre in 17 years is a little depressing
- Raph Koster, the former CCO of Sony

Players' Reviews

I played the game all night last night and found it brilliant and thought-provoking. The concept is of sheer genius and the execution was professional and creative... simply out of this world
- Asaf Lubin, Israel
Making the policy decisions in the game and pondering the possible ramifications on all parties really makes the issues hit home and stay with you. It is a wonderfully efficient and fun way to study the real world. In several ways, I feel enriched by the experience. I think this is a remarkable achievement and I commend you for it.
- Jarmo Petäjäaho, Finland
There couldn't be a more impressive, clear message from a private initiative to the political leaders of Israel and Palestine
- Dominique Zygmont, Switzerland
It took me a few hours to finish it successfully as the Palestinian president. Never had such a happy and satisfying game experience.
- Marco Boltz, Germany
(My son) has learned more about the conflicts that have been plaguing the Middle East in three hours than I have been able to teach him in many years.
- Terry Bowers, USA
It was a great experience... thanks a lot to the whole team for making this possible!
- Mourad Mahidi, Austria
PeaceMaker: Playing PeaceMaker in the U.S.; Israeli General Dani Yatom plays PeaceMaker; PeaceMaker with Arun Gandhi at the Lincoln Memorial; Playing PeaceMaker in Qatar