PeaceMaker - Play the News. Solve the Puzzle.

PeaceMaker: Play the News. Solve the Puzzle.

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About the Game

For Mac or PC

Make sure your machine complies with the required system and software specifications. Your computer must have Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and higher (including XP) or Mac OS 10.4 and higher (Power PC or Intel Mac). We are not actively updating the game to comply with all newer systems but will try to help as much as we can as issues arise.

Languages and Age Rating

PeaceMaker has three languages: English, Arabic and Hebrew. We plan to release other translated versions as soon as possible. Though the game has no official age rating, ImpactGames recommends to consider the game as a PG-13 rating. The game contains violent news video and graphic images.

Design Assumptions

For more information visit the game designer's blog post.

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PeaceMaker: Easy to use; Challenge yourself to both sides; Listen to your advisors. Make a decision; The JOY of success; The AGONY of defeat

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